What’s Your Business Blind Spot

Blind Spot in Business   The old adage that “what you don’t know won’t hurt you” does not apply to business success. Many business owners are uncertain about some key drivers of their business’s successes and failures. Common blind spots: 1. Key customers not only means you are able to list your top customers but more importantly do you know which customers are your most profitable? The answer to this question will enable you  →

Go Broke and Ignore Customer Feedback

Start-Ups_1   What comes to mind when someone mentions “startups”? The archetypal image of two guys in a garage cranking out a tech-based, soon to be VC-backed startup in Silicon Valley is one of the many myths of the entrepreneurship world that drive away a lot of potential entrepreneurs. It is apt that the theme of this past Sunday’s 11th annual Entrepreneurship Conference focused on rethinking entrepreneurship and breaking the myths  →